Is This For Everyone?

FamilyPrivate labeling is not suited for everyone. Some contractors are satifised with identifying themselves as a "dealer" for a manufacturer. In fact, if you refer to yourself as a "dealer" rather than a "contractor," you are probably not well-suited for the private label path.

Contractors who seek to private label should be aggressive, progressive, independent, and have a retailing mindset. This is the cutting edge of HVAC marketing and sales.

The biggest surprise you will have about private labeling is in how well it will work out. We're 99% private label and I'm not looking in the rear view mirror. It was without exception one of the best decisions we've ever made."

- Steven J Miles
Jerry Kelly


We are virtually 98% private label and haven't skipped a beat. Our customers love our line. Although our sales are only up about 2% over last year as of today, our profit numbers are up very significantly
...triple digit! Feeling great!"

- Robert Nelson


We found that only a very small percentage of consumers care about the brand name on the piece of equipment. They are concerned about the installing company first and warranty second. With our private-label system, we feel we are offering the best of both."

- Steven Long


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